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S-400/ SA-21 Triumf Inflatable Vehicle

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  • S-400/ SA-21 Triumf Inflatable Vehicle
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S-400/SA-21 Triumf Inflatable Vehicle: Realistic Ukraine Decoys

The S-400/SA-21 Triumf Inflatable Vehicle is your ultimate choice for creating highly authentic Ukraine decoys for military training and strategic simulations.

Our inflatable SA-21 Triumf vehicle precisely replicates the appearance of Russian military assets, providing a valuable tool for training exercises and strategic planning. These decoys are designed to help military personnel practice identification, target acquisition, and operational planning in a realistic environment. Whether you're simulating defense strategies, tactical deployments, or intelligence gathering, our SA-21 Triumf Inflatable Vehicle ensures your readiness for any scenario.

Description  S-400/ SA-21 Triumf Inflatable Vehicle Target & Decoy

  • Material Commercial Spec Materials such as PVC
  • Underlayment of foil/fabric under exterior vinyl skin
  • Continuous Air Source is required
  • 1:1 scale or 100% of threat vehicle size
  • Weather resistant - thermal stability from -20 Degrees Celsius to 50 Degrees
  • Color Scheme: Green, Tan or Camouflage
  • Rapidly deployable and reconfigured.
  • Operational set-up time no longer than 30 minutes
  • Thermal Heating Elements in engine
  • Dimensions: L49' X W10' X H13'5"
  • Weight: 500lbs

Color Reference

  • Green


  • Green Camo 

  • Winter Camo

Packing List

  • (2) 1.5hp 110v or 240 v Inflation Blowers
  • PVC pipe set (roll bar)
  • (12)18"x1" Ground Stakes
  • (8) 30"x1" Ground Stakes
  • (1 ) Deluxe Repair Kit

Optional Add-Ons

  • Portable generator (gasoline or diesel)
  • Gasoline-powered inflation blowers.
  • Collapsible Bulk Container w/lid
  • Netting

Advantages of the S-400/ SA-21 Triumf Vehicle Inflatable Decoy

  • Portability and Maneuverability: Inflatable tank decoys are lightweight and easily transportable, allowing quick and flexible deployment to various locations based on tactical needs.
  • Authentic Appearance: These decoys are meticulously designed to closely mimic real missile launchers, replicating their size, shape, and visual characteristics, effectively deceiving enemies into perceiving them as genuine threats.
  • Distraction Strategy: By using inflatable weapons launcher decoys, military forces can divert enemy focus from actual assets, creating confusion and leading adversaries to waste resources on false targets.
  • Protection for Real Vehicle: Inflatable decoys act as a shield for real weapons launchers by attracting enemy fire and attention towards themselves, thereby minimizing risks to personnel and actual equipment.
  • Reinforcing Perceived Strength: The presence of inflatable decoys can give the illusion of a larger tank force, enhancing the perception of military might and potentially deterring potential aggressors.


  1. The Inflatable Target/Decoy may weigh over more than 200-600lbs. (depending on the model), so caution should be exercised when moving/inflating/loading/unloading and handling the equipment. Always use heavy-duty dolly with steel fenders such as Monster Mover to move your Target/Decoy and staff should always wear back support belt.
  2. Be sure the area that you will be setting up your Target/Decoy is free of all debris including any rocks or sharp objects. Grass or hard ground is fine for set up if there are no rocks, debris, or sharp objects.
  3. You may opt to lay out a ground tarp to protect the Target/Decoy, but not necessary.
  4. The inflated Target/Decoy requires clearance from adjacent obstacles is a minimum 5’ (1.5m) around and above the perimeter of the Target/Decoy with an additional 15’ (4.5m) clearance from utility lines.
  5. Unroll the Target/Decoy and lay flat in the desired direction/orientation.
  6. Tie off any unused blower tubes and be sure that all zippers/flaps are closed.
  7. The Target/Decoy is to be anchored by a minimum (6)18" x 12” ground stakes at 85% depth. Anchoring should be applied at a 90 degrees angle (i.e., perpendicular)
  8. If anchoring on a hard surface such as asphalt or cement, a minimum of 80lb sand or water bags should be required per anchor location. Aircrafts can be anchored to tie-down rings.
  9. Connect inflation blower to the air tube using strap attached and close off the additional air tubes by twisting the tube several times and fold it over and secure snugly with attached strap.
  10. Now you can install your heat signature radiant blankets (if it wasn’t installed from the factory). Locate the velcro flaps to attach the thermal blanket(s). (Note: tanks will have thermal blankets in the engine compartment and both tracks. Other vehicles will have thermal blankets in the engine compartment and generators.
  11. Plug your inflation blower(s) into the closest properly grounded (GFCI) 110v or 220v (depending on your power source/Country) outlet or gasoline/diesel generator.


Q: Can the decoy be reused or is it a one-time use item?

A: The decoy is designed for multiple uses and can be reused multiple times. However, it is important to properly maintain and store the decoy to ensure its longevity.

Q: Is the decoy suitable for use in all weather conditions?

A: The decoy is designed to withstand various weather conditions and can be used in most environments. However, extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain, and snowstorms may affect the stability and performance of the decoy.

Q: Can the decoy be used for non-military purposes?

A: Yes, the decoy can be used for non-military purposes such as training exercises, simulation games, and film production.

Q: What is the cost of the decoy and where can it be purchased?

A: The cost of the decoy varies depending on the size, model, and customization options. Customers can purchase the decoy from various manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers.

Q: How long does it take to inflate the decoy?

A: The inflation time depends on the type of inflator being used. Generally, it takes around 20-30 minutes to inflate the decoy fully.

Q: How long does it stay inflated once inflated?

A: The decoy can stay inflated for several days, months or years, but the exact duration depends on various factors such as the weather conditions, the quality of the inflatable material, and the level of wear and tear.

The SA-21 Triumf: Revolutionizing Air Defense Technology

The SA-21 Triumf, also known as the S-400, is a Russian air defense missile system that was developed as a successor to the S-300. Its advanced capabilities include the ability to engage targets at longer ranges, track and engage multiple targets simultaneously, and operate in a range of weather conditions. The system has been deployed in several countries and is considered to be one of the most advanced air defense systems in the world. Its importance lies in its ability to provide a high level of protection against a variety of threats, including aircraft, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. Its advanced capabilities have made it a valuable asset for countries seeking to protect their airspace and military installations.

Advantages of the S-400/ SA-21 Triumf Vehicle

  • Area Denial: Its broad coverage area allows it to establish area denial, restricting enemy access to specific regions and controlling the airspace.
  • Force Protection: The SA-21 Triumf enhances force protection by providing reliable defense for military bases, strategic assets, and ground forces against low-altitude aerial threats.
  • Strategic Deterrence: Its presence acts as a powerful deterrent, dissuading potential adversaries from engaging in aerial attacks and bolstering regional stability.
  • Battle-Proven Performance: The SA-21 Triumf has a demonstrated track record of successful use in real-world combat situations, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness.



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S-400/SA-21 Ukraine Decoys Inflatable Vehicle

Realism for Ukraine Decoys:

Ukraine's military Decoys are crafted to closely resemble real military vehicles in appearance, size, and functionality. Our decoys provide a lifelike training experience that mirrors real-world scenarios, allowing troops to train effectively.


Buying Ukraine Decoys saves a lot of money compared to regular training. Our inflatable vehicles don't need expensive live-fire exercises, fuel, maintenance, or ammunition. This makes them a very cheap option for military training.

Ease of Use:

Ukraine Decoys are designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, inflate, deflate, and transport. Troops can quickly deploy our decoys without extensive training or specialized equipment, streamlining the training process.

Durability in Decoys:

Even though they're inflatable, Ukraine Decoys are tough and strong, able to handle tough training sessions. Our decoys don't easily puncture, tear, or get damaged by bad weather, so they last a long time and stay reliable during training.

Logistical Challenges:

Moving and setting up inflatable vehicles can be tricky. But Ukraine Decoys are lightweight and easy to transport. They also don't need fancy equipment to set up, making it simpler for military units to use them.

Training Effectiveness:

People might wonder if training with inflatable vehicles helps. But with Ukraine Decoys, troops get a realistic training experience that prepares them for real combat situations. This makes their training more effective and useful.

Safety Concerns:

Some might worry about safety when using inflatable vehicles. But Ukraine Decoys are designed with safety in mind, so troops can use them without worrying about getting hurt or damaging equipment.

In Conclusion:

Ukraine Decoys by i2kco offers a reliable and effective solution to the challenges faced by military forces when purchasing inflatable vehicles. By addressing concerns related to durability, realism, logistics, training effectiveness, and safety, our decoys provide military organizations with a practical and efficient training tool.

With Ukraine Decoys, troops can benefit from realistic training experiences that enhance readiness and proficiency while minimizing costs and logistical complexities. As a result, Ukraine Decoys emerge as a valuable asset in preparing military personnel for the challenges of real-world combat scenarios, ultimately contributing to enhanced operation effectiveness and mission success.