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Airwalls Doorway Wall

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Airwalls Doorway Wall: Revolutionizing Shoot House Design

When it comes to shoot house design innovation, our Airwalls Doorway Wall stands out as a game-changer. This product redefines the possibilities of realistic training scenarios.

Unlock a new dimension in tactical training with the Airwalls Doorway Wall. Its cutting-edge features and versatile design make it a must-have for military, police, and special ops units. Experience a shoot house design that adapts to your needs, providing the authenticity and challenge essential for effective training exercises.


  • W120" X H90" X D8"
  • Digitally printed skin on both sides
  • Larger opening to accept BTI Breach Doors
  • Hinges on both sides of doorway
  • Connection strap
  • 2 handles on each side
  • Pockets on bottom for steel anchor plates

Packing List

  • Heavy-Duty Carry Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Blower sold separately
  • 79lbs (L14” X W21” X H27”)
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Airwalls Doorway Wallshoot Shoot house design

Airwalls Doorway Wallshoot Shoot house design

Are you searching for a cutting-edge solution to enhance your training regimen? Look no further than the Airwalls Doorway Wall, the ultimate shoot house designed for military training.

In the realm of tactical training realism are paramount. The Airwalls Doorway Wall offers the perfect blend of innovation, allowing you to transform any location into a dynamic training environment. Say goodbye to static shooting ranges and hello to immersive, real scenarios

Realism and Flexibility

Effective training demands a high level of realism, and the Airwalls Doorway Wall delivers on all fronts. Its vertical half-wall design accurately mimics structures commonly found in urban environments, enabling trainees to refine their skills in realistic settings and live fire training.

Shoot house design

The Airwalls Doorway Wall is designed with lightweight yet sturdy construction, making it highly portable. It can be easily transported to various locations, including remote areas or temporary training facilities, ensuring that military personnel can conduct training exercises wherever needed.

Safety Shoot house design

Safety is paramount in military training, and the Airwall Vertical Half Wall is designed with safety in mind. Its sturdy construction and adherence to rigorous safety standards minimize the risk of accidents or injuries during training exercises, ensuring the well-being of personnel.

Compatible shoot house design

The Airwalls Doorway Wall is compatible with a wide range of training equipment and technologies commonly used in military training programs. Whether integrating with simulation systems, target systems, or other training tools, the shooting house enhances the overall training experience by providing a versatile.

Ease of setup and use

With its user-friendly design, the Airwall Vertical Half Wall is easy to set up and use, allowing military personnel to maximize training time and resources. Its modular components can be quickly assembled and configured, streamlining the training process and efficient training sessions.

Budget Constraints:

The Airwalls Doorway Wall offers a cost-effective solution compared to traditional fixed shooting ranges or complex training facilities. Its modular design allows for cost savings in construction and infrastructure, making it an attractive option for military organizations operating within budget constraints.

Procurement Process:

The Airwalls Doorway Wall is designed with ease of procurement in mind. Its off-the-shelf availability and straightforward procurement process streamline the acquisition process, reducing administrative burden and expediting deployment for military organizations.

Logistics Challenges:

As a shoot house design, the Airwalls Doorway Wall addresses logistics challenges by being lightweight and easily transportable. Its modular components can be disassembled for compact storage and transported to military bases or training sites, even in remote or overseas locations, without requiring specialized transport equipment.

Advanced Inflation Technology:

The Airwalls Doorway Wallshoot utilizes cutting-edge inflation technology, allowing it to be rapidly deployed in just a matter of minutes. Its user-friendly design ensures a straightforward setup even in high-pressure situations, providing military personnel with a hassle-free solution for creating temporary structures on the battlefield.

In conclusion

In summary, the Airwalls Doorway Wall is a versatile and budget-friendly solution for military training needs. Smart design makes it easy to buy and move around, saving time and money. With this tool, military units can boost their training without spending too much or facing logistical headaches. It is simple to use and offers great benefits, giving soldiers the tools they need to train effectively anywhere, anytime.