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M1A1 Abrams Inflatable Tank

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i2k M1A1 Abrams Inflatable Tank - Your inflatable abrams tank

Introducing the i2k M1A1 Inflatable Abrams Tank, the pinnacle of military training equipment. Get ready to revolutionize your training exercises with an inflatable M1 Tank , available exclusively from i2k.

The M1 Abrams is a legendary main battle tank renowned for its power and capability. Now, you can own a piece of this legacy with our M1A1 Inflatable Abrams Tank. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our inflatable tank replicates the M1's iconic appearance, ensuring a lifelike training experience.

Description M1A1 Abrams Inflatable 

  • 1:1 Ratio Inflatable Decoy/Target Tan
  • Weight: 280lbs (127kg)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 32'L (9.7m)
    • Width: 12' (3.6m)
    • Height: 9.5' (2.9m)
  • Thermal Signature Engine Compartment & Tank Tracks
  • Radar Reflection
  • Underlayment of foil/fabric, radar reflectors (internal/external)
  • External Details and paint color, textures, vents, ladders, doors etc…
  • Temperature Allowances (Operating temperature -10 to +65 Degree Celsius)
  • Wind Capability Able to withstand 35mph winds Inflation
  • Time Average 20 minutes Inflated Continuous air-supported Must use electricity or generator

Color Reference

  • XM1 Abrams

  • MERDC Europe Summer


  • US & Europe verdant

  • Saudi Arabia 1983

  • MERDC Red Desert


  • Reforger 83

  • 3/64th Armor

  • IPM1 Abrams

  • M1E1

  • Serie 1 


  • M1A1-HA 

  • M1A1 ODS


Packing List 

  • Packing and Transportation 1.25x1.25x2m (inflatable & blowers)
  • Gross Weight 200lbs / 90 kilos 
  • Weight
  • Inflation Blower Dimension: L31.3' X W11.8' X H7.3' (9.54m X 3.59m X 2.23m)


  • 3D-printed and/or foam guns
  • Portable generator (gasoline or diesel)
  • Gasoline-powered inflation blowers.
  • Collapsible Bulk Container w/lid
  • Netting

Advantages of the M1A1 Abrams Tank Inflatable Decoy

  • Deceptive Maneuvers: The M1A1 Abrams Inflatable Decoy effectively mimics a real tank, creating confusion and diverting enemy attention from actual military assets.
  • Risk Mitigation: By drawing enemy fire away from real M1A1 Abrams tanks, the inflatable decoy reduces the risk to personnel and valuable equipment on the battlefield.
  • Cost-Efficient Solution: Investing in the inflatable decoy offers a cost-effective way to simulate the presence of additional M1A1 Abrams tanks, creating the illusion of a larger armored force without deploying real tanks.
  • Easy Transportation and Deployment: The lightweight and portable design of the inflatable decoy enables quick transportation and positioning, allowing for agile tactical deception.
  • Strategic Flexibility: The inflatable decoy can be rapidly repositioned to adapt to changing battlefield scenarios, optimizing its impact on enemy perceptions.
  • Force Multiplier: By presenting a larger armored force, the M1A1 Abrams Inflatable Decoy enhances the psychological impact on enemy forces, potentially deterring attacks or diverting enemy resources.
  • Enhancing Operational Security: The decoy's ability to draw enemy attention away from real tanks helps protect genuine M1A1 Abrams tanks and critical military installations.
  • Training and Preparedness: Incorporating inflatable decoys in training exercises allows military units to practice deception tactics and enhance their readiness for real-world combat situations.


  1. The Inflatable Target/Decoy may weigh over more than 200-600lbs. (depending on the model), so caution should be exercised when moving/inflating/loading/unloading and handling the equipment. Always use heavy-duty dolly with steel fenders such as Monster Mover to move your Target/Decoy and staff should always wear back support belt.
  2. Be sure the area that you will be setting up your Target/Decoy is free of all debris including any rocks or sharp objects. Grass or hard ground is fine for set up if there are no rocks, debris, or sharp objects.
  3. You may opt to lay out a ground tarp to protect the Target/Decoy, but not necessary.
  4. The inflated Target/Decoy requires clearance from adjacent obstacles is a minimum 5’ (1.5m) around and above the perimeter of the Target/Decoy with an additional 15’ (4.5m) clearance from utility lines.
  5. Unroll the Target/Decoy and lay flat in the desired direction/orientation.
  6. Tie off any unused blower tubes and be sure that all zippers/flaps are closed.
  7. The Target/Decoy is to be anchored by a minimum (6)18" x 12” ground stakes at 85% depth. Anchoring should be applied at a 90 degrees angle (i.e., perpendicular)
  8. If anchoring on a hard surface such as asphalt or cement, a minimum of 80lb sand or water bags should be required per anchor location. Aircrafts can be anchored to tie-down rings.
  9. Connect inflation blower to the air tube using strap attached and close off the additional air tubes by twisting the tube several times and fold it over and secure snugly with attached strap.
  10. Now you can install your heat signature radiant blankets (if it wasn’t installed from the factory). Locate the velcro flaps to attach the thermal blanket(s). (Note: tanks will have thermal blankets in the engine compartment and both tracks. Other vehicles will have thermal blankets in the engine compartment and generators.
  11. Plug your inflation blower(s) into the closest properly grounded (GFCI) 110v or 220v (depending on your power source/Country) outlet or gasoline/diesel generator.


Q: How does an inflatable tank decoy work?

A: The inflatable tank decoy is made of lightweight, durable materials and can be quickly inflated and positioned to replicate the appearance of a real tank. It aims to draw enemy attention away from actual tanks and divert their focus elsewhere.

Q: What are the advantages of using an inflatable tank decoy?

A: Inflatable tank decoys offer several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, ease of deployment and transportation, enhanced operational security, reduced risk to real tanks, and the ability to create the illusion of a larger armored force.

Q: Are inflatable tank decoys effective in military operations?

A: Yes, inflatable tank decoys have been proven to be effective tools in military deception strategies. They can deceive enemy reconnaissance efforts, create confusion on the battlefield, and contribute to overall tactical advantage.

Top Features of the M1A1 Abrams Tank

The M1 Abrams is a main battle tank that has been in service since 1980. Designed to provide armored protection, firepower, and mobility on the battlefield, it has a crew of four and is armed with a 120mm smoothbore cannon and machine guns. It has advanced armor protection, sensors, and communication equipment, and is powered by a gas turbine engine that provides high mobility. The M1 Abrams has proven to be a highly effective tank on the battlefield and has been used in several conflicts, including the Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the War in Afghanistan.

Advantages of the M1A1 Abrams Tank 

  • Training and Experience: The tank's proven track record and extensive operational experience ensure it is operated by well-trained and skilled crews, maximizing its combat effectiveness.
  • Psychological Impact: The mere presence of the M1A1 Abrams on the battlefield can have a significant psychological impact on enemy forces, bolstering friendly troops' morale.
  • Interoperability: As a widely-used tank model, the M1A1 Abrams can operate seamlessly with allied forces, enhancing coalition interoperability during joint military operations.
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Warranty Information

2 years
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M1A1 Abrams Inflatable Tank for Military Force

Unrivaled Realism:

This inflatable Abrams tank boasts unparalleled replication of every detail from its imposing silhouette to its intricate features. Whether it's for training scenarios, tactical simulations, or public demonstrations, this inflatable tank delivers an immersive experience that's as close to the real thing as it gets.

Durable Construction:

This inflatable tank is made from top-notch military-grade materials, ensuring it can handle tough conditions in any environment. It's puncture-resistant, weatherproof, and reinforced for added durability, ensuring it stands up to the demands of intensive training exercises and prolonged deployments.

Easy to Transport and Convenience:

Unlike traditional tank replicas, this inflatable Abrams tank offers unparalleled ease of deployment. It can be quickly inflated and deflated using standard air pumps, making it effortlessly transportable to different locations. Its lightweight design means it can be easily carried by a small team, allowing for rapid setup and breakdown wherever it's needed.

Cost-Effective Training Solution:

Say goodbye to expensive live-fire exercises and cumbersome static models. With this inflatable Abrams tank, military units can conduct realistic training scenarios at a fraction of the cost. It provides a safe and controlled environment for soldiers to hone their skills, practice tactical operation fortitude maneuvers, and enhance their operation readiness without the logistical challenges associated with traditional.

Personalization Options:

Tailor-made to meet specific requirements, this inflatable Abrams tank can be customized with additional features, such as simulated weaponry, tactical markings, and camouflage patterns. Whether you're replicating a specific model variant or training effects for enhanced realism, our team can work with you to create a bespoke solution that meets.

Reduced Procurement Costs

Compared to purchasing and maintaining actual armored vehicles like the M1A1 Abrams tank, procuring inflatable decoys is significantly less expensive. The initial investment in inflatable decoys is typically lower, allowing military units to acquire a larger quantity of decoys for the same budget.

Lower Maintenance Costs:

Inflatable decoys generally require minimal maintenance compared to operational vehicles. The M1A1 Abrams dummy tanks, for example, don't require regular engine maintenance, fuel, or ammunition, significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs associated with real tanks.

Ease of Deployment and Storage:

Inflatable decoys are lightweight, portable, and easy to deploy, requiring fewer personnel and resources for transportation and setup. They can be quickly inflated and deflated using standard equipment, minimizing time and logistical requirements. Additionally, their compact size when deflated allows for efficient storage, reducing the need for dedicated storage facilities.

Training Cost Savings:

Inflatable decoys provide a realistic training environment at a fraction of the cost of live-fire exercises involving real armored vehicles. Military units can conduct a wide range of training scenarios, including deception operations and target practice, without the expense of using actual ammunition or risking damage.

Strategic Flexibility:

The M1 Abrams Inflatable Tank offers strategic flexibility by allowing armed forces units to simulate the presence of armored forces in various locations without committing real assets. This can help deter adversaries, enhance operation security, and support broader military objectives at a lower cost than deploy.

Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness:

Over the long term, the cost-effectiveness of inflatable decoys becomes even more apparent. With proper care and maintenance, inflatable decoys can last for many years, providing a cost-effective solution for multiple training cycles and operation deployments.


In summary, the inflatable Abrams tank is not just a product – it's a game-changer for military training and simulation. With its unparalleled realism, it offers a cost-effective and convenient solution for military units seeking to enhance their capabilities and readiness in today's dynamic. Upgrade your training arsenal with the inflatable Abrams tank and experience a new level.