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Human Football

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  • Human Football
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Human Football refers to an inflatable football table with an incorporated floor. Football table is a classic game that involves two teams of players trying to score goals in the opponent's goal using small miniature figures mounted on rotating rods. The inflatable version of the foosball table allows the game to be played on a soft and safe surface, with an inflatable floor providing cushioning and preventing injuries. This inflatable structure is also easy to transport and store, making it ideal for outdoor or indoor events such as fairs, festivals, and parties.


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  • Blower
  • Stakes
  • Tarp
  • Dolly


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  • Set up the inflatable floor: First, inflate the floor of the Football Table using an electric blower or pump. Make sure it is fully inflated and secure.
  • Place the table on the floor: Place the Football Table on top of the inflatable floor and ensure that it is centered and level.
  • Assemble the table: Follow the instructions provided to assemble the table. This typically involves attaching the legs and rods, and installing the miniature figures.
  • Begin playing: Divide into two teams and start playing. Use the miniature figures on the rods to hit the ball into the opposing team's goal.
  • Maintain the table: Regularly clean and maintain the Foosball Table and inflatable floor to ensure that they are in good condition for future games. Deflate and store the inflatable floor in a dry, safe place when not in use.


Q: How long does it take to set up the Human Football?

A: It should take between 10 to 30 minutes to set up.

Q: Can I use the Human Football outdoors?

A: Yes, you can use it outdoors, but make sure it's placed on a flat surface and secured to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds.

Q: Can I repair the Human Football if it gets punctured?

A: Yes, you can use the repair kit to fix any punctures. Follow the instructions that come with the kit.

Q: How do I clean the Human Football Inflatable?

A: Clean the table with a mild soap solution and a soft-bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and let it air dry.

Q: Can I deflate and store the Human Football Inflatable after each use?

A: Yes, you can deflate the table and store it in a cool, dry place until the next use. Make sure it's completely dry before storing it to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Q: Is the Human Football Inflatable suitable for children?

A: Yes, it's a great option for children to play on. However, adult supervision is recommended to ensure their safety while playing.

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