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i2k Airwalls Package C

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Shoot House Training : Airwall Modular Simunitions Shoot House C

Introducing the Airwall Modular Simunitions Shoot House C, your ultimate shoot house training solution for military and law enforcement personnel. Our cutting-edge shoot house is designed to provide immersive and realistic training experiences, preparing your teams for the most demanding missions.

When it comes to shoot house training, the Airwall Modular Simunitions Shoot House C stands as the premier solution. Equip your military and law enforcement personnel with the skills and readiness needed to excel in challenging missions and ensure public safety.


The i2k pneumatic Airwalls system has a 2-piece construction of a double-wall pneumatic sealed-air internal airwall and heavy-duty digitally printed outer skin that can resist Simunitions rounds and high-powered Airsoft rounds internal Airwalls are designed with inflation and deflation control

Paking List

  • (4) Full Walls
  • (5) Door Walls
  • (6) Half Vertical Walls
  • (4) Window Walls
  • (4) Door inserts w/hinges

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Shoot House Training with Airwalls Package C

When it comes to shoot house training, military and law enforcement personnel demand the utmost in durability and realism. That's why Airwalls Package C stands as the premier choice for enhancing shoot house training experiences.

Why Shoot House Training for Military Matters

Shoot house training is an essential component of tactical preparedness, offering a dynamic and immersive environment for personnel to hone their skills in realistic scenarios.

Long-Term Value and Support

The i2k Airwalls Package C offers long-term value to military organizations. Our dedicated support team provides technical assistance, maintenance services, and access to spare parts, ensuring continued reliability and performance throughout the lifespan of the package. Military units can trust the ongoing support and assistance provided by i2k Airwalls to maximize the value of their investment.

Ease of Setup and Operation

Military units can expect seamless setup and operation with the i2k Airwalls Package C. Featuring intuitive controls and straightforward assembly procedures, our package ensures efficient training sessions with minimal downtime. Quick deployment capabilities enable military personnel to maximize training time and focus on honing their skills effectively.

Durability and Reliability

The i2k Airwalls Package C is engineered with durability and reliability in mind. Constructed from high-quality materials and featuring robust construction, our package is designed to withstand the rigors of intensive military training exercises. Military units can depend on the i2k Airwalls Package C.

Portable and Ease of Deployment

Designed for maximum portability, Airwalls Package C can be easily transported and deployed in any training location. With quick inflation mechanisms and straightforward setup procedures, trainers can minimize downtime and maximize training time, whether in training facilities or field environments.

Cost-Effectiveness and Long-Term Value

Airwalls Package C offers exceptional cost-effectiveness and long-term value. With competitive pricing, minimal maintenance requirements, and durable construction, our walls provide a cost-effective solution for ongoing shoot house training needs while delivering consistent performance and reliability over time.

Customize Your Shoot House

Airwalls Package C offers unmatched options. Its modular design allows for easy simulation of various scenarios, while optional add-ons such as doors, windows, and obstacles provide flexibility to tailor training environments to specific needs.

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Ready to elevate your training? Contact us today to learn more about our shoot house training programs and schedule your session. Prepare to master the art of shoot house training and unlock your full potential as a tactical operator.


In summary, Airwalls Package C is the top choice for improving shoot house training for military and law enforcement. It stands out for its toughness, lifelike design, and flexibility, surpassing what trainers expect. With a sturdy build and lifelike images, Airwalls Package C leads the way in shoot house training. It easily fits with training tech and follows safety rules. Its easy setup, mobility, and value make it the preferred pick for trainers aiming to boost their training sessions.