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Airwalls Full Wall

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  • Airwalls Full Wall Blueprint - Detailed Schematic  render portable simunition shoot house
  • Airwalls Full Wall Blueprint - Detailed Schematic - Front View portable simunition shoot house
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Airwalls Full Wall for portable simunition shoot house

When it comes to preparing our brave military, police forces, and special ops teams for the most demanding situations, having the right equipment is paramount. Our Airwalls Full Wall is an essential tool designed to elevate your training exercises to the next level.

Engineered for realism and versatility, the Airwalls Full Wall allows you to create dynamic training scenarios that mimic real-world environments. You can count on the Airwalls Full Wall to provide unparalleled adaptability and durability during your training sessions.


  • W120" X H90" X D8"
  • Digitally printed skin on both sides.
  • Connection strap
  • 2 handles on each side 
  • Pockets on bottom for steel anchor plates 

Packing List

  • Heavy-Duty Carry Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Blower sold separately
  • Packaging 79lbs (L13" X W22” X H27”)
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Portable Simulation Shoot House

When it comes to military readiness, training, or combat, we're proud to introduce our Portable Simunition Shoot House Full Wall — a cutting-edge solution designed to take military training to new heights.

Realism Full Wall:

Our shoot house offers unparalleled realism, allowing military personnel to train in lifelike scenarios that closely mimic real-world conditions. With various layouts and scenario options, you can create dynamic training exercises that challenge and prepare your troops for any situation.

Portable For Any Situation:

Say goodbye to traditional, static training facilities. Our Portable Simunition Shoot House can be easily transported and set up wherever you need it, allowing you to conduct training exercises in diverse environments. Whether it's in an urban setting, a remote location, or even aboard a ship, our shoot house goes where you go.


Safety wall panels are our top priority. With Simunition technology, trainees can engage in realistic scenarios using non-lethal rounds that are safe and effective. This allows for more immersive training experiences without the risk of serious injury or damage to property.

Versatile for Scenarios:

From close-quarters combat to urban warfare scenarios, our Portable Simunition Shoot House is versatile enough to support a wide range of military training objectives. Whether you're training for hostage rescue, counter-terrorism operations, or convoy protection, our shoot house is up to the task.

Why Choose Our Portable Simunition Shoot House?

  • Boosted Preparedness: Our shoot house guarantees that your troops are fully equipped to tackle any battlefield challenge, thanks to lifelike and dynamic training experiences.
  • Increased Flexibility: With its portable design, our training wall allows you to train in a variety of environments, maximizing the effectiveness of your training exercises.
  • Cost-Effective: Investing in our shoot house is an investment in the readiness and effectiveness of your military personnel. With its durable construction and versatile capabilities, it offers long-term value for your military.

Experience the Future of Military Training. Upgrade to a Portable Simunition and give your troops the edge they need to succeed on the battlefield. Contact us today to learn more about how our shoot house can improve your military training exercises.