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C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course

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C4  100' Criss Cross Collision Course

Finally, a race track that not only protects players but is an absolute blast for kids and adults of all ages! The C4 (Criss Cross Collision Course) is a whopping 100′ long and has nearly 250′ of racing lane action. The game can competitively accommodate 2 spheres at a time and is filled with obstacles and varied terrains. For an added splash, the C4 has four water traps that can be filled with a couple of inches of water that adds a whole new dimension to the game! You see, when the player transitions from the dry track to the water trap, they hydroplane over the water and can lose traction allowing them to slow down and even lose total momentum, causing them to spin without gaining any ground for a short time. This can be all that is required for the other player to catch up and pass the other player. The game operator, as well as spectators, can stand near the middle of the game and have a clear view of the players as they race to victory lane.


Packing List

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  • Blower
  • Zorb Balls
  • Stakes
  • Tarp
  • Dolly


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  • Setup:
    • Lay out the C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course on a flat, clear surface, ensuring there are no sharp objects nearby that could damage the inflatable.
  • Participants:
    • 2 Players at a time
  • Game Objective:
    • The objective of the C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course is for each team's participants to navigate the course, overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way.
  • Starting the Game:
    • Begin the game with a clear signal. Participants race through the course, manuever through water traps until the winnder gets to the end ofn the game.
  • Winning the Game:
    • The team that successfully navigates the course, completing all challenges and reaching the end first, wins the game. You can set a specific time limit for the game or let all teams finish and compare their completion times.
  • Safety Guidelines:
    • Attendants MUST watch players inside Zorb Balls (if used), ensuring that they are not in the balls too long.
    • Participants should remove shoes and avoid sharp objects or jewelry that could damage the Zorb ball if used. Remind players not to push or engage in any behavior that could cause injuries.
  • Game End:
    • Once the game is over, guide participants in exiting the inflatable in an orderly manner.


Q: What are the dimensions of the C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course?

A: The C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course measures 100 feet in length and 40 feet in width.

Q: Is the inflatable suitable for both outdoor and indoor events?

A: Yes, the C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course is designed for both outdoor and indoor events, providing versatile entertainment options.

Q: How many participants can the course accommodate at once?

A: The specific capacity may vary, but the C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course can typically accommodate multiple participants, allowing for exciting group challenges and competitions.

Q:  Is the inflatable easy to set up and inflate?

A: Yes, the C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course is designed for easy setup and inflation. It comes with clear instructions for hassle-free installation, ensuring a smooth experience for event organizers.

Q: What safety measures should be taken while using the inflatable?

A: Participants should wear appropriate footwear to avoid slipping and follow the provided guidelines. It's essential to ensure there are no sharp objects or obstacles around the inflatable to prevent any damage.

Q: Can the inflatable be customized with branding or specific colors?

A: Yes, the C4 100′ Criss Cross Collision Course can often be customized with branding and specific colors, offering promotional opportunities for events and sponsors.


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