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Hydro Blast Water Tag

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Hydro Blast Water Tag: Soak Up Fun in an Interactive Water Maze 

Experience Hydro Blast Water Tag – an exhilarating addition to any outdoor adventure, perfect for those seeking refreshing fun in the sun! This dynamic structure, spanning 25 feet in length, 25 feet in width, and standing 7 feet in height, introduces an interactive and playful water tag game.

A fun and exciting water game to add to any company picnic or backyard party. Players use Stream Machines to try to soak others in the maze and get them wet. Up to 8 players at a time go in the maze, either as individuals or in teams. Cool fun for people of all ages.


Packing List

  • Repair kit
  • (8) Stream Machine Water Guns
  • (2) Buckets
  • Storage Bag

Sold Separately

  • Blower
  • Stakes
  • Tarp
  • Dolly


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  1. Setup: Position the Hydro Blast Water Tag on a flat surface and ensure it's adequately anchored to prevent movement during use.
  2. Water Connection: Connect the structure to a water source, ensuring a regulated flow to the spray guns within the inflatable maze.
  3. Game Guidelines: Divide players into teams or individuals. The objective is to tag opponents by spraying them with the water guns. Players maneuver through the maze to avoid being tagged.
  4. Safety Measures: Encourage players to wear appropriate clothing for water play. Advise on safe play and running to avoid accidents.
  5. Refilling: If the water bucket runs low, temporarily pause the game to allow for refilling, ensuring a continuous supply of water for an enjoyable experience.
  6. Supervision: Ensure adult supervision, particularly for younger players, to maintain safety during the game.


Q: Is the water usage for the game excessive?

A: The water usage is typically moderate, but it can vary based on the frequency of play and the pressure of the water source.

Q: Can the Hydro Blast Water Tag be used without water?

A: Yes, the structure can be used as a dry maze, but the water element enhances the experience significantly.

Q: How many players can participate at once?

A: The number of players can vary but typically accommodates (8)ultiple players for an enjoyable water tag game.

Q: Is the structure durable and suitable for multiple uses?

A: Yes, when used as per guidelines and properly maintained, the structure is durable for multiple play sessions.

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