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T-90 Inflatable Tank

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Inflatable T-90 Tank for Sale

Military enthusiasts,Introducing our Inflatable T-90 Tank – an awe-inspiring and realistic tank that brings the might of the military right to your fingertips. Whether you're hosting a military-themed , a historical reenactment, or just want to make a powerful statement, this inflatable T-90 is your ticket to commanding attention

Enhance your military training exercises with the i2k T-90 Inflatable Tank, built with the purpose to serve as an indispensable tool for creating lifelike tank scenarios. Whether you're conducting drills, testing maneuvers, or preparing for combat situations, our inflatable tank delivers the realism and flexibility you need.

Description T-90

  • 1:1 Ratio Inflatable T-90 IInflatable Tank 
  • Thermal Signature: Engine compartment & tank tracks
  • Underlayment of foil/fabric under exterior vinyl skin
  • External Details: Custom PMS vinyl and fully digital printed 3D tracks
  • Temperature Allowances: -30 to +150 Degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to +60 Degrees Celsius)
  • Wind Capability: Able to withstand 35mph (56/kph) winds
  • Inflation Time: Average 20-30 minutes
  • Gross Weight 200 lbs (102 kilos)
  • Continuous air flow needed (Must use electricity or
  • Storage Area 1.25x1.75x2m (inflatable & blowers)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 9.63 m (31 ft 7 in) 6.86 m (22 ft 6 in) (hull)
    • Width: 3.78 m (12 ft 5 in)
    • Height: 2.22 m (7 ft 3 in)

Color Reference 

  • Tan livery partially camouflaged


  • Regular straight lines pattern camouflage


  • Blended livery


  • Vermicels style livery


Packing List

  • Inflatable Decoy: 42"x60"x60"h / 1mx1.50x1.5m (including inflatable & accessories)
  • PVC cannon tube (5-pieces)
  • (1) 1.5hp inflation blowers
  • (1) Engine thermal blanket
  • (2) Tank Track thermal blankets
  • (8) 18”x1” ground stakes
  • Deflation tube
  • Heavy-duty storage bag
  • Deluxe repair kit


  • 3D-printed guns and accesories
  • Portable generator (gasoline or diesel)
  • Gasoline-powered inflation blowers.
  • Collapsible Bulk Container w/lid
  • Netting

Advantages of the T-90 Tank Inflatable Decoy

  • Cost-effectiveness: Inflatable tank decoys are significantly cheaper than real tanks, allowing cost-effective deception operations without risking valuable armored assets.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: Inflatable decoys are lightweight and portable, enabling easy transportation and rapid deployment to different locations as needed.
  • Realistic Appearance: Inflatable tank decoys are designed to closely resemble real tanks in terms of shape, size, and visual features, fooling adversaries into believing they are facing a genuine armored threat.
  • Diversionary Tactics: By deploying inflatable tank decoys, military forces can draw enemy attention away from actual tank formations, diverting their resources and creating confusion on the battlefield.
  • Force Protection: Inflatable decoys provide a way of protecting real tanks by attracting enemy fire and diverting attention away, reducing the risk to personnel and equipment.
  • Operational Flexibility: Inflatable tank decoys allow the illusion of a larger tank force, enhancing the perception of strength and potentially deterring aggression.
  • Psychological Impact: Deception operations using inflatable tank decoys can induce uncertainty and misdirection among the enemy, disrupting their decision-making process and potentially influencing the outcome of engagements.


  1. The Inflatable Tank/Decoy may weigh over more than 200-600lbs. (depending on the model), so caution should be exercised when moving/inflating/loading/unloading and handling the equipment. Always use heavy-duty dolly with steel fenders such as Monster Mover to move your Inflable Tank /Decoy and staff should always wear back support belt.
  2. Be sure the area that you will be setting up your Tank/Decoy is free of all debris including any rocks or sharp objects. Grass or hard ground is fine for set up if there are no rocks, debris, or sharp objects.
  3. You may opt to lay out a ground tarp to protect the Tank/Decoy, but not necessary.
  4. The inflated Tank/Decoy requires clearance from adjacent obstacles is a minimum 5’ (1.5m) around and above the perimeter of the Tank/Decoy with an additional 15’ (4.5m) clearance from utility lines.
  5. Unroll the Tank /Decoy and lay flat in the desired direction/orientation.
  6. Tie off any unused blower tubes and be sure that all zippers/flaps are closed.
  7. The Inflatable Tank/Decoy is to be anchored by a minimum (6)18" x 12” ground stakes at 85% depth. Anchoring should be applied at a 90 degrees angle (i.e., perpendicular)
  8. If anchoring on a hard surface such as asphalt or cement, a minimum of 80lb sand or water bags should be required per anchor location. Aircrafts can be anchored to tie-down rings.
  9. Connect inflation blower to the air tube using strap attached and close off the additional air tubes by twisting the tube several times and fold it over and secure snugly with attached strap.
  10. Now you can install your heat signature radiant blankets (if it wasn’t installed from the factory). Locate the velcro flaps to attach the thermal blanket(s). (Note: tanks will have thermal blankets in the engine compartment and both tracks. Other vehicles will have thermal blankets in the engine compartment and generators.
  11. Plug your inflation blower(s) into the closest properly grounded (GFCI) 110v or 220v (depending on your power source/Country) outlet or gasoline/diesel generator.


Q: How long does it take to inflate the decoy?

A: Unrolling, inflating the decoy and inserting the PVC cannon tube typically takes around 20-30 minutes.

Q: Does the inflatable decoy require a power source?

A: Yes, the inflatable decoy needs to be inflated using 110v or 230v inflation blowers.

Q: Does the inflatable decoy require a constant power source?

A: Yes, the tank is a "constant-air" inflatable decoy that must always remain inflated using 110v or 230v blowers. (Note: Ask about new developments with a new proprietary version of a "sealed-air" model.)

Q: How long does it stay inflated?

A: The decoy can stay inflated for several days, weeks, or even months, depending on weather conditions and usage. The sealed-air version may require a top-off of air every week to maintain full inflation.

Q: What materials are used to make the decoy, and how durable is it?

A: The decoy is made of durable, lightweight PVC-coated nylon with UV inhibitors, designed to withstand rough handling and extreme weather conditions.

Q: Can the decoy be customized to match specific variations?

A: Yes, the decoy can be customized with specific colors, textures, and options to add camouflage netting.

Q: How much does the decoy weigh, and how easy is it to transport?

A: The weight of the deflated decoy varies depending on the size and configuration, ranging from approximately 200lbs to 275lbs.(90/kg-125/kg). It can be handled by 2 crew members and transported in a standard pickup truck or small trailer.

Q: Can the decoy be reused or is it a one-time use item?

A: The decoy is designed for long-term use and can be utilized multiple times for over 5+ years with proper care.

Q: Is the decoy suitable for use in all weather conditions?

A: Yes, the decoy is suitable for most weather conditions, although extreme conditions such as heavy snow may impact its performance.

Q: How do you move or transport the inflatable decoy?

A: A standard inflatable tank decoy is packed in a heavy-duty storage bag that can be unloaded by 2 crew members from a pickup truck or small trailer. If the tank is packed in the optional collapsible crate, it will require more crew members or a forklift or small crane to be able to unload.

Q: Can the decoy be packed up wet?

A: The decoy can be packed while wet, but it is recommended to unroll and inflate it until complete drying before long-term storage. Proper maintenance and protection from moisture are essential to prevent mold, mildew, and rotting.

Q: Can the decoy be used for non-military purposes?

A: While primarily designed for military use, the decoy can also be employed for training exercises, movie productions, and even advertising purposes with 1/2 scale models available upon request.

Q: What is the cost of the decoy and where can it be purchased?

A: The cost of the decoy varies depending on the size and configuration and can be purchased directly from i2k or authorized international partners.

The Evolution and Impact of the T-90 Tank: A Brief History

The T-90 is a third-generation main battle tank that was developed in Russia in the 1990s. It is an upgraded version of the T-72B and T-80 series of tanks, and features several advanced technologies, including a thermal imaging system, laser rangefinder, and reactive armor.

In recent years, the T-90 has undergone several upgrades, including the addition of a new gunner's sight and an improved engine. Despite its age, the T-90 remains a potent and reliable tank that is widely used by several militaries around the world.


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T-90 Inflatable Tank for Sale, Military Force

Introducing our American T-90 Inflatable Tank for Sale, a strategic asset tailored for military forces. Designed to mirror the formidable T-90 tank, this inflatable version brings realism and impact to military training, exercises, and operations.

Realistic Design

Crafted with precision to replicate the iconic T-90 tank, our inflatable version features a realistic and imposing appearance. This design captures the essence desired by military forces aiming to enhance their defense strategy with an authentic inflatable tank.

Reusable and Durable

Unlike traditional training equipment, our inflatable tanks are reusable and durable, offering long-term value. They can be used in various weather conditions, providing a cost-effective alternative to day-by-day replacing or repairing traditional training assets.

Budget Constraints for Military Force

As i2k defense, We understand the financial challenges faced by many military forces. Our Inflatable T-90 Tank offers a cost-effective solution that enables you to optimize training and enhance presence without exceeding budget limitations.

Every military force faces unique challenges, and a tailored approach to training and simulation is crucial. Feel free to reach out to us to explore your unique needs regarding the T-90 inflatable tank available for sale. Together, we can craft a solution that not only fits seamlessly within your budget constraints but also meets your specific requirements. Let's collaborate to develop a cost-effective and comprehensive plan that suits your needs.

Enhancing Coalition with the Inflatable T-90

Addressing challenges in coalition operations is vital for seamless coordination within a range of military forces. While our Inflatable T-90 is a physical product, it can play a role in better communication, understanding, and coordination among forces.

Personalization for Multiple Forces

Customize the Inflatable T-90 for sale to include visual elements, markings, or details specific to various military forces. This ensures that the inflatable tank is not just a generic representation but a tool that resonates with the unique identity and requirements of each participating coalition military.

Simulating Multiple Operations

Incorporate the Inflatable T-90 into worldwide training scenarios, simulating joint operations. This allows forces to practice in a controlled environment, identify challenges, and develop effective solutions.

Logistical Efficiency through Inflatable T-90 Tank

As i2k defense for military force, we understand the strain that deploying real tanks for decoy purposes can impose on logistics. Our Inflatable T-90 offers an innovative solution to alleviate these challenges while maintaining the illusion of a military presence.

The Inflatable T-90 is lightweight and easily transportable, allowing for swift deployment and relocation as needed. Unlike real tanks, it doesn't require heavy-duty transportation equipment, minimizing the logistical burden associated with moving actual armored vehicles.

Resource Allocation for Real Objectives

Using Inflatable T-90 tanks as decoys allows us to free up crucial logistical resources. This redirection ensures that vital supplies, maintenance crews, and transportation assets are dedicated to actual military needs, not just sustaining decoy illusions.

Quick Set-Up Tank

Bringing your inflatable tank to life is a breeze with its quick inflation and deflation features. The Inflatable T-90 Tank allows you to command the attention of your military defense strategy. Easy to ensure that you can own the battlefield with a seamless set-up, creating a visually stunning impact.

Recognition Risk

Adversaries with sophisticated intelligence capabilities may develop methods to recognize and distinguish between real military assets and inflatable decoys. This could compromise the effectiveness of the decoy strategy.

To improve the realism of the inflatable T-90 design to make it perfect from the real counterpart. Incorporate high-quality materials, accurate color schemes, and details that closely mirror authentic military assets.

In Conclusion

We as i2k defense sell advanced T-90 tanks that are precision-engineered to enhance military defense strategies. This inflatable tank is easy to deploy and adaptable. Military forces gain a tactical advantage and improve awareness. Strengthen your military defense strategy with our inflatable tanks specialized for the military.