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Inflatable Hummer Replica

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  • Inflatable Hummer realistic inflatable car  Reference Image -
  • Inflatable Hummer realistic inflatable car - Finished Product - Realistic Detailing
  • Inflatable Hummer realistic inflatable car  - Finished Product - High-Quality Craftsmanship
  • Inflatable Hummer realistic inflatable car  - Finished Product - Training Excellence
  • Inflatable Hummer realistic inflatable car- Finished Product - Durable Construction
  • Inflatable Hummer realistic inflatable car - Finished Product
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Revolutionizing Realism: Inflatable Hummer Replica - Authentic Military Training with Realistic Inflatable Cars

Unveiling the Inflatable Hummer Replica – a true marvel in realistic inflatable cars for military applications. Precision-engineered to replicate the iconic military hummer, this inflatable vehicle redefines authenticity. Elevate your training, events, or simulations with the lifelike appearance and attention to detail of our Inflatable Hummer Replica. Experience realism like never before in military inflatables

Our inflatable replica precisely mirrors the appearance of a Hummer, making it an indispensable tool for military exercises. These decoy cars provide a practical means for enhancing training realism and readiness. Whether you're practicing convoy protection, urban warfare, or vehicle checkpoint operations, the Inflatable Hummer Replica ensures that your training scenarios closely simulate real-world situations, equipping your personnel with the skills they need for mission success.

Description Inflatable Hummer Replica Target & Decoy 

  • Hummer Inflatable 7-Ton Medium Duty Tactical Cargo Truck
  • 1:1 Ratio Inflatable Decoy/Target
  • Thermal Signature: Engine compartment
  • Underlayment of foil/fabric under exterior vinyl skin
  • External Details: Camouflage canvas fabric to cover troop/cargo bed
  • Temperature Allowances: -30 to +150 Degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to +60 Degree Celsius)
  • Wind Capability: Able to withstand 35mph winds Inflation
  • Time: Average 20-30 minutes
  • Continuous-air-supported (Must use electricity or Gasoline/diesel generator)
  • Storage Area 1.25x1.75x2m (inflatable & blowers)
  • Gross Weight 290lbs (131 kilos)
  • Inflation Motor Type 120v/230v
  • Blower Dimension:
    • Length: 314.9"
    • Width: 98"
    • Height: 142"

Color Reference

  • Green 

  • Tan 

  • Black 

  • Green Camo

  • Black Camo 

Packing List

  • (1) 1.5hp inflation blower
  • (8) 18”x1” steel ground stakes
  • (1) Engine thermal blanket
  • (1) Deluxe repair kit


  • Portable generator (gasoline or diesel)
  • Gasoline-powered inflation blowers.
  • Collapsible Bulk Container w/lid
  • Netting

Advantages of the Inflatable Hummer Replica

  • Operational Flexibility: Inflatable tank decoys allow for the creation of the illusion of a larger tank force, enhancing the perception of strength and potentially deterring aggression.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: Inflatable decoys are lightweight and portable, enabling easy transportation and rapid deployment to different locations as needed.
  • Realistic Appearance: Inflatable tank decoys are designed to closely resemble real tanks in terms of shape, size, and visual features, fooling adversaries into believing they are facing a genuine armored threat.
  • Diversionary Tactics: By deploying inflatable tank decoys, military forces can draw enemy attention away from actual tank formations, diverting their resources and creating confusion on the battlefield.
  • Force Protection: Inflatable decoys provide a means of protecting real tanks by attracting enemy fire and diverting attention away from them, reducing the risk to personnel and equipment.


1.Unpack the decoy from its storage bag and remove any packaging materials.

2.Lay out the decoy on a flat surface and ensure it is free of any sharp or abrasive objects.

3.Locate the inflation valve and connect the air compressor hose to it.

4.Turn on the air compressor and inflate the decoy until it reaches the desired firmness. Check the pressure gauge regularly to avoid over-inflation.

5.Once fully inflated, attach the decoy to the designated mounting point on the land cruiser using the provided straps or hooks.

6.Ensure that the decoy is properly secured to the vehicle and adjust its position if necessary.

7.When not in use, deflate the decoy using the air compressor and carefully pack it back into its storage bag.

8. Store the decoy in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


Q: Can the decoy be reused or is it a one-time use item?

A: The decoy is designed for multiple uses and can be reused multiple times. However, it is important to properly maintain and store the decoy to ensure its longevity.

Q: Is the decoy suitable for use in all weather conditions?

A: The decoy is designed to withstand various weather conditions and can be used in most environments. However, extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain, and snowstorms may affect the stability and performance of the decoy.

Q: Can the decoy be used for non-military purposes?

A: Yes, the decoy can be used for non-military purposes such as training exercises, simulation games, and film production.

Q: What is the cost of the decoy and where can it be purchased?

A: The cost of the decoy varies depending on the size, model, and customization options. Customers can purchase the decoy from various manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers.

Q: How long does it take to inflate the decoy?

A: The inflation time depends on the type of inflator being used. Generally, it takes around 10-15 minutes to inflate the decoy fully.

Q: Can the decoy be inflated manually or is a power source required?

A: The decoy can be inflated manually using a hand pump, but it is recommended to use a power source such as an electric pump or an air compressor for faster and more efficient inflation.

Q: How long does it stay inflated once inflated?

A: The decoy can stay inflated for several hours, but the exact duration depends on various factors such as the weather conditions, the quality of the inflatable material, and the level of wear and tear.

War on Wheels: The Legendary Role of Hummer in Modern Warfare

The Humvee, or Hummer, was introduced in the early 1980s as a successor to the Jeep and was quickly adopted by the US military as its primary tactical vehicle. Its versatility, mobility, and durability made it an ideal choice for a range of missions, from troop transport and reconnaissance to combat support and logistics. The Hummer played a critical role in several major conflicts, including the Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the War in Afghanistan, and became a symbol of American military power and technological superiority. However, its effectiveness was not without controversy, as some criticized its vulnerability to improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and its high maintenance costs. Despite these challenges, the Hummer remains a vital component of the US military's fleet and continues to undergo upgrades and modernization efforts.

Advantages of the Hummer Replica

  • Tactical Flexibility: Inflatable decoys offer tactical flexibility by providing an additional layer of protection and confusion during offensive and defensive operations.
  • Force Multiplier: By drawing enemy resources and attention away from real assets, the Inflatable Hummer effectively serves as a force multiplier, enabling real military assets to operate with reduced risk.
  • Psychological Impact: The presence of decoys can instill doubt and uncertainty in the enemy's mind, affecting their decision-making and potentially leading to mistakes during engagements.
  • Reusable: The Inflatable Hummer is reusable and can be quickly inflated and deflated for repeated use in different operations.
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Inflatable Hummer Replica - Realistic Inflatable Car

Are you ready to take your military training to the next level Look no further than the Inflatable Hummer Replica - the ultimate solution for immersive, cost-effective, and realistic training exercises. Designed to replicate the iconic Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical decoy with precision and attention to detail, this inflatable replica set the way military forces train and prepare for the challenges of military training Unveiling the Inflatable Hummer Replica – a true marvel in realistic inflatable cars for military applications. Precision-engineered to replicate the iconic military hummer, this inflatable vehicle redefines. Elevate your training, events, or simulations with the lifelike appearance and attention to detail of our Inflatable Hummer Replica.

Realism Redefined:

Experience the power with the Inflatable Hummer Replica, faithfully crafted to mirror the functionality, appearance, and presence of its real-world counterpart. This inflatable replica offers a true-to-life training experience that prepares troops for the rigors of the battlefield like never before. From convoy operations to logistical missions, every training scenario.

Cost-Effective Training Solutions:

In today's budget-conscious environment, every dollar counts. The Inflatable Hummer Replica offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional training methods. By eliminating the need for fuel, maintenance, and ammunition associated with live-fire exercises, this inflatable replica allows military forces to stretch their training budgets.

Invest in Military Excellence:

When you invest in the Inflatable Hummer Replica, you're investing in operational excellence. By enhancing troop readiness, optimizing training resources, and improving overall proficiency, this innovative training asset empowers military forces to achieve mission success with confidence and precision.

Simple Setup:

The Inflatable Hummer Replica is engineered to be user-friendly, with a simple setup process. Soldiers can easily unpack the inflatable vehicle and follow simple instructions to prepare it for deployment. The inflation system is designed for quick and hassle-free operation, allowing troops to set up the vehicle rapidly.

Intuitive Inflation and Deflation:

The Inflatable Hummer Replica inflation and deflation process is designed to be intuitive. Soldiers can use standard air pumps or inflation equipment to rapidly inflate the vehicle to its full size. Similarly, deflating the vehicle after use is a simple process requiring minimal effort.

Efficient Deployment:

With its user-friendly design and intuitive operation, the Inflatable Hummer Replica enables efficient deployment in various training environments. Soldiers can quickly deploy the vehicle during field exercises, convoy training drills, or tactical simulations, enhancing training effectiveness and realism.

Logistic Challenge:

Transporting and storing giant inflatables like the Inflatable Hummer Replica can pose logistical challenges for military forces. These vehicles may require specialized equipment for inflation and deflation and extra storage space when not in use. If these logistical needs aren't met, their deployment could be hindered.

The Inflatable Hummer Replica decoy is designed with simplified logistics in mind. It comes with user-friendly inflation and deflation mechanisms, requiring minimal specialized equipment for setup. Additionally, its compact design allows for efficient storage when deflated, reducing the space needed for storage. This streamlines transportation and storage processes, ensuring ease of deployment and maximizing operation flexibility for military forces.

Realism and Recognition:

Concerns may arise regarding realistic inflatable cars such as the Inflatable Hummer Replica. If the inflatable replica lacks fidelity in appearance, size, or functionality compared to real vehicles, it may compromise the accuracy of training simulations.


In summary, the Inflatable Hummer Replica Military Vehicle sets a new standard for immersive, cost-effective, and realistic training exercises. With its commitment to realism, affordability, and operational excellence, this innovative training asset is poised to revolutionize military training and preparation for the challenges of modern warfare.