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Corn Maze 4 Kids

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Corn Maze 4 Kids - Navigate the Fun in an Inflatable Corn Maze

Get lost in our Corn Maze 4 Kids! Bring the excitement and suspense to your next event with this awesome maze. Ever wondered what it’s like to be trapped in a maze of corn but didn’t know where to look? i2k is bringing the thrill to you! This piece is perfect for school carnivals and church events, get through hundreds of kids per hour and keep everyone entertained!

Transform your events into an inflatable corn maze spectacle with Corn Maze. Crafted for safety and maximum enjoyment, this inflatable attraction is perfect for parties, events, and outdoor celebrations. Navigate the twists and turns, have a-maze-ing fun, and enjoy the adventure in the Inflatable Corn Maze!


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  • Blower
  • Stakes
  • Tarp
  • Dolly


Why us?

  • Designing and manufacturing fun, durable, and safe commercial inflatables for sale in U.S.A. since 1993!
  • The INNOVATOR of the industry!
  • Designed in California
  • We can customizable our designs to your needs
  • 2 -year warranty
  • Highly Responsive Service
  • Built with the best materials in the industry
  • All seams double stitched and serious stress seams are double-stitched twice
  • U.S. Market Expertise
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  • Unbeatable Product Selection


  • Entering the Maze:
    • Gather your group at the entrance of the maze.
    • Explain the rules and objectives of the maze adventure to all participants.
    • Remind everyone to stay together and follow the designated paths.
  • Navigating the Maze:
    • Use teamwork to solve puzzles and find your way through the maze.
    • Encourage participants to explore different paths and work together to overcome challenges.
    • Stay alert and observant to spot clues and markers that guide you through the maze.
  • Game Play Tips:
    • Remind participants to respect the boundaries of the maze and not climb over any barriers.
    • Encourage communication among team members to share discoveries and strategies.
    • Children should always be accompanied by an adult while inside the maze.
    • Take your time to enjoy the experience; there's no rush to complete the maze.
  • Exiting the Maze:
    • Once you have successfully navigated the maze, gather at the exit point.
    • Celebrate your achievement and share your maze experiences with others.
    • Feel free to re-enter the maze for another round of fun if time permits!


Q: What is the Corn Maze 4 Kids?

A: The Corn Maze 4 Kids is an exciting and challenging maze adventure designed specifically for children. It offers a thrilling experience of navigating through a corn maze. Get lost with your friends and see who comes out the end first.

Q: Is the Corn Maze 4 Kids suitable for all ages?

A: Yes, the Corn Maze 4 Kids is designed for children of various ages. It provides a fun and engaging experience for kids, making it ideal for school carnivals, birthday parties, and other events.

Q: Is the Corn Maze 4 Kids safe for children?

A: Yes, the Corn Maze 4 Kids is designed with safety in mind. It features clear pathways, no sharp edges, and child-friendly obstacles. Children should always be accompanied by adults while inside the maze to enhance safety.

Q: Can participants re-enter the maze after completing it?

A: Yes, participants are welcome to re-enter the maze for additional rounds of fun and exploration. The maze experience can be enjoyed multiple times during the event.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for participants?

A: There are no strict age restrictions. However, younger children should be accompanied by adults or older children to ensure they have an enjoyable and safe experience while navigating the maze.


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