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Battle Zone (Yellow / Green)

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Enter the Fray: Jousting Inflatable - Battle Zone (Yellow / Green) (31'L X 27'W X 15'H)

Embark on an epic jousting adventure like never before with our exhilarating Jousting Inflatable at 31' L x 27' W x 15' H in the Battle Zone (Yellow / Green) theme! This inflatable marvel brings to life the centuries-old tradition of jousting, combining thrilling heights with the safety of our patented Zero Shock™ air bag system.

Families and friends start the day in friendly combat, but as the day unfolds, it transforms into a fierce competition where everyone strives to be the ultimate 'King-of-the-Hill'. Ideal for Company Picnics, Church Fundraisers, School Events, and Carnivals, this jousting inflatable guarantees hours of excitement and entertainment for all. Each set includes (2) Jousting Sticks and (2) Headgear, ensuring a safe and competitive jousting experience. Join the battle, challenge your opponents, and reign supreme in the Battle Zone (Toxic) Jousting Inflatable.


Packing List

  • Repair kit
  • Storage bag
  • (2) Joust Sticks
  • (2) Headgear Stakes
  • Owner's manual

Sold Separately

  • Blower
  • Stakes
  • Tarp
  • Dolly


Why us?

  • Designing and manufacturing fun, durable, and safe commercial inflatables for sale in U.S.A. since 1993!
  • The INNOVATOR of the industry!
  • Designed in California
  • We can customize our designs to your needs
  • 2 -year warranty
  • Highly Responsive Service
  • Built with the best materials in the industry
  • All seams double stitched and serious stress seams are double-stitched twice
  • U.S. Market Expertise
  • Buy Direct and Save
  • Unbeatable Product Selection


  • Setting Up the Arena:
    • Choose a flat, open area free from obstacles to set up the Battle Zone inflatable.
    • Unfold the inflatable carefully and spread it out on the ground.
    • Ensure all anchor points are securely staked into the ground to provide stability.
    • Inspect the jousting sticks and headgear to ensure they are in good condition and properly padded.
  • Rules:
    • Participants stand on the jousting platforms facing each other.
    • Hold the jousting sticks firmly and use balance and skill to knock your opponent off the beam.
    • Stay within your designated area to ensure fair gameplay.
    • If you fall off the beam, safely exit the arena and allow the next participants to joust.
  • Safety Guidelines:
    • Always wear the provided headgear and use the jousting sticks responsibly.
    • Do not engage in overly aggressive or dangerous moves to maintain a safe environment.
    • Participants must follow the instructions of the event supervisor or referee.
    • Inspect the equipment before each use to ensure it is in proper working condition.
    • Have fun, compete with sportsmanship, and enjoy the thrilling experience!


Q: How do I set up the Battle Zone inflatable jousting arena?

A: Setting up the Battle Zone (Toxic) is easy! Choose a flat, open area, unfold the inflatable, and securely stake it to the ground using the provided anchor points. Inspect the jousting sticks and headgear before use.

Q: What is the objective of the jousting duel in Battle Zone (Toxic)?

A: The objective is to knock your opponent off the beam and onto the Zero Shock™ air bag below. The first participant to successfully do this wins the jousting duel.

Q: Are there any safety guidelines I should follow while jousting in the Battle Zone?

A: Absolutely. Always wear the provided headgear and use the jousting sticks responsibly. Avoid aggressive moves, stay within your designated area, and follow the instructions of the event supervisor or referee.

Q: How many participants can joust in the Battle Zone (Toxic) at once?

A: The Battle Zone (Toxic) is designed for one-on-one jousting battles. Only two participants should be on the platforms at a time.

Q: Is the Battle Zone (Toxic) suitable for different events?

A: Yes, it's great for various events like company picnics, church fundraisers, school events, and carnivals. Its versatile and thrilling gameplay makes it a crowd favorite.

Q: Can children and adults both participate in jousting battles?

A: Yes, the Battle Zone is suitable for both children and adults, providing exciting jousting experiences for participants of all ages.

Q: Is the Zero Shock™ air bag safe for participants?

A: Yes, the Zero Shock™ air bag provides a safe landing surface for participants, ensuring a cushioned fall if they are knocked off the beam during the jousting duel.

Q: How do I store the Battle Zone after use?

A: After use, clean the inflatable if necessary, deflate it, and store it in a dry, cool place. Proper storage ensures the longevity of the inflatable for future use.


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