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Inflatable Gable-roof Tent

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Skybound Elegance: Soar to New Heights with Our Inflatable Gable-Roof Tent, Elevating Outdoor Events

Discover the extraordinary potential of our Inflatable Gable-Roof Tent, specifically designed to enhance your outdoor events. This inflatable tent, featuring a distinctive gable roof design, is meticulously crafted to elevate your gatherings, ensuring a remarkable experience for both hosts and attendees. Whether it's a festive celebration, a bustling market, or a corporate event, our versatile and stylish inflatable tent is the perfect choice. Make a lasting impression and create unforgettable moments with our Inflatable Gable-Roof Tent, tailored for the ultimate inflatable tent event.


Events, competitions, shows, point-of-sale, brand activations, evening activities, both outdoor and indoor events.


  • Visual impact
  • Brand enhancement
  • Creates recall thanks to gigantism
  • A large activity can be done with a single inflatable and fill the space.
    360 degree visual.
  • Multiple applications.
  • Presence throughout the activity.
  • Remembrance of the packaging facilitates the choice when buying at the point of sale.
  • Can last for months as an outdoor advertising element.


  6.5' to 9.8' 9.8' to 13.1' 13.1' to 19.6' 19.6' to 26.2'
Material Vinyl 8oz Vinyl 8oz Vinyl 8oz Vinyl 8oz
Motor Duo 4500. Duo 4500. 0.5 HP. 0.5 HP.
Sewing Simple Simple Double Double
Print Sublimation Sublimation Sublimation Sublimation
Bag Included Included Included Included
Anchor ropes Included Included Included Included
Threads 200 200 400. 400.


  • Anchoring very well the inflatables is mandatory and different depending on the winds of the area, the time of day, the height above the ground and other aspects, our products have the tensors to anchor, stakes, chazos, hooks, etc are not included because it depends on the exhibition site.


  • Visibility
  • Durability for several events
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Easy to transport
  • Can be customized in shape and graphics.
  • Easy storage, installation and uninstallation.
  • Can be used in different types of events.


  • Must be connected to the power supply.
  • In case of power failure, it collapses.
  • Damaged during the event.
  • It must be anchored very well.
  • It should not be stored wet.

Packing List

  • Inflatable
  • Repair kit
  • Storage bag
  • Owner's manual
  • Motor
  • Mooring ropes
  • Integrated carrying case


  • Motor 3 amps, xx CFM Flow, Pressure, 4500 rpm, 12V - 110V - 220V. See more ...
    Motor 0.5 HP Force, 330 m³ / h. Flow, 3600 rpm, 375. See more ...
    1 HP Motor Force, 530 m³ / h. Flow, 1150 pa Pressure, 750w Consumption.  See more...

Sold Separately

  • Blower
  • Stakes
  • Tarp
  • Dolly
  • Stakes to anchor in the grass
  • Hammer.
  • Ballasts for anchoring to rigid surfaces
  • Protective mat for inflation
  • Repair patch.
  • Glue.


Why us?

  • Designing and manufacturing fun, durable, and safe commercial inflatables for sale in U.S.A. since 1993!
  • The INNOVATOR of the industry!
  • Designed in California
  • We can customize our designs to your needs
  • 2 -year warranty
  • Highly Responsive Service
  • Built with the best materials in the industry
  • All seams are double stitched and serious stress seams are double-stitched twice.
  • U.S. Market Expertise
  • Buy Direct and Save
  • Unbeatable Product Selection


  • Unpack the Tent:
    • Carefully unpack the tent and ensure all components are included.
  • Inflation:
    • Connect the provided air pump to the tent's inflation ports. Inflate the tent until it reaches its full shape. Be sure not to overinflate.
  • Secure Anchors:
    • Once the tent is inflated, secure the tent by anchoring it to the ground using the provided stakes and ropes.
  • Entrance Setup:
    • Set up the entrance according to your preference. Some tents may have zipper closures, while others may use Velcro or other fastening mechanisms.
  • Interior Arrangement:
    • Arrange the interior of the tent based on your needs. Install any dividers, partitions, or additional features that come with your specific model.
  • Ventilation:
    • Ensure proper ventilation by opening windows or vents as needed. This will help regulate temperature and airflow inside the tent.
  • Weather Precautions:
    • Be aware of weather conditions. If windy, ensure the tent is securely anchored. If raining, check that the tent's waterproof features are functioning correctly.
  • Usage Guidelines:
    • Follow all guidelines for maximum occupancy, weight capacity, and any other usage recommendations provided by the manufacturer.
  • Deflation:
    • When it's time to pack up, carefully deflate the tent using the release valves. Fold the tent neatly and pack it back into the storage bag.


Q: What is the Inflatable Gable-roof Tent made of?

A: The tent is made of durable and weather-resistant materials, typically a combination of high-quality polyester and PVC.

Q:  How do I inflate the tent?

A: Use the provided air pump to inflate the tent through the designated inflation ports. Be careful not to overinflate, and follow the instructions in the user manual.

Q: Can I use the tent in rainy weather?

A: Yes, the tent is designed to be waterproof. Ensure all windows and vents are closed during rain, and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for heavy rain conditions.

Q: How many people can the tent accommodate?

A: The tent's capacity varies by model. Refer to the user manual for specific details on maximum occupancy and recommended usage.

Q: What precautions should I take in windy conditions?

A: Secure the tent by anchoring it with the provided stakes and ropes. Avoid using the tent in extremely high winds, and always follow safety guidelines.

Q:  How do I clean and maintain the tent?

A: Clean the tent with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Regularly inspect for any damage, and repair promptly using the provided patch kit if necessary.

Q:  Can I use the tent for camping?

A: While the tent is primarily designed for events and gatherings, some models are suitable for camping. Check the user manual for information on ventilation and other camping-related features.

Q:  What should I do if the tent gets punctured?

A: Use the provided patch kit to repair any punctures. Follow the instructions in the user manual for proper patching procedures.


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