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Sealed Torso

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Sealed Torso: Lifelike Inflatable Model for Displays!

Introducing the Sealed Torso – a versatile and practical inflatable model designed to showcase underwear, diapers, and more. Crafted with durable materials, this sealed inflatable torso and pelvis serve as a convenient and lifelike display for a variety of products. Ideal for retail settings, product photography, or educational purposes, the Sealed Torso offers a cost-effective solution for presenting undergarments with a realistic fit. The sealed design ensures easy inflation and longevity, allowing for repeated use. Elevate your product presentations with the Sealed Torso – where functionality meets realism in a compact and portable form.


  • Textile factories
  • Diaper factories
  • Clothes shops
  • Mannequin factories


Packing List:

  • Inflatable with individual packaging

Sold Separately 

  • Blower


Why us?

  • Designing and manufacturing fun, durable, and safe commercial inflatables for sale in U.S.A. since 1993!
  • The INNOVATOR of the industry!
  • Designed in California
  • We can customize our designs to your needs
  • 2 -year warranty
  • Highly Responsive Service
  • Built with the best materials in the industry
  • All seams double stitched and serious stress seams are double-stitched twice.
  • U.S. Market Expertise
  • Buy Direct and Save
  • Unbeatable Product Selection


  • Unpack and Inspect:
    • Carefully open the packaging and inspect the Sealed Torso for any visible damage.
  • Locate the Valve:
    • Identify the inflation valve on the torso.
  • Inflate the Torso:
    • Insert an inflation device into the valve and inflate the torso until it achieves a realistic form. Seal the valve securely.
  • Dress with Products:
    • Dress the Sealed Torso with underwear, diapers, or other products for a lifelike display.
  • Adjust for Realism:
    • Position the torso in a natural stance and adjust the clothing for a realistic fit.
  • Display or Photograph:
    • Use the Sealed Torso for retail displays, product photography, or educational purposes as needed.
  • Deflate and Store:
    • When not in use, carefully deflate the torso by opening the valve and squeezing out the air. Store it in a cool, dry place.


Q: Can the Sealed Torso be used for displaying various types of clothing?

A: Yes, the Sealed Torso is versatile and can be used to display a variety of products such as underwear, diapers, and more.

Q: How durable is the Sealed Torso for repeated use?

A: The Sealed Torso is crafted with durable materials, making it suitable for repeated use. Follow care instructions for longevity.

Q: Can the torso be customized or dressed differently?

A: The torso is designed for versatile use and can be dressed with various clothing items for different presentations.

Q: How do I clean the Sealed Torso?

A: Gently wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the material.

Q: Can the Sealed Torso be used for educational purposes?

A: Yes, the Sealed Torso is an excellent educational tool for showcasing the fit of undergarments and diapers in a lifelike manner.

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Elevate Your Visual Merchandising with Inflatable Mannequins

In the competitive world of retail, creating captivating displays is essential to attract customers and drive sales. Traditional mannequins have long been the go-to choice for showcasing clothing and accessories, but a new contender has emerged – inflatable mannequins.

The Rise of Mannequins

Inflatable mannequins offer a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to their solid counterparts. Made from durable materials like PVC or vinyl, these flexible figures can be inflated quickly and easily, allowing for a wide range of poses and positions. Whether you're setting up a storefront display, organizing a fashion show, or conducting a photo shoot, inflatable mannequins provide the versatility you need to bring your vision to life.

Addressing Customer Concerns

While mannequins offer numerous benefits, customers may have some concerns before making a purchase. Questions about durability, stability, and realism are common, but these can be addressed through clear communication and demonstration of product quality. By highlighting the puncture-resistant materials, stability features, and realistic appearance of inflatable mannequins, retailers can instill confidence in their customers and alleviate any doubts.

Customization Options

One of the key advantages of inflatable mannequins is their ability to be customized to suit the needs of individual retailers. Whether you're looking for a specific pose, size, or skin tone, inflatable mannequins can be tailored to match your brand's aesthetic and target demographic. With a wide range of options available, you can create displays that are unique, eye-catching, and on-brand.

Long-Term Value

While the initial cost of inflatable mannequins may be lower than traditional options, customers may wonder about the long-term value of their investment. By emphasizing the durability and longevity of inflatable mannequins, retailers can reassure customers that they are making a wise investment for the future. With proper care and maintenance, inflatable mannequins can withstand the rigors of daily use and provide years of reliable service.


Inflatable mannequins offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for visual merchandising in retail environments. By addressing customer concerns and highlighting the benefits of these flexible props, retailers can enhance their displays and attract more customers. Whether you're a small boutique or a large department store, inflatable mannequins provide the flexibility and affordability you need to create stunning visual experiences for your customers.