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Fogging Kit

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Premium Fogging Kit for Ultimate Cooling Comfort

Elevate your event experience with our Fogging Kit, a cutting-edge misting system designed for efficient cooling in various settings. Ideal for sports events, summer gatherings, or any occasion demanding a cooler atmosphere. This kit boasts a 12V, 60Hz diaphragm pump, delivering 10 liters per hour through 0.3mm nozzles, with a flexible PVC hose ensuring optimal coverage. The self-priming, low-energy-consumption pump operates silently, maintaining dry surfaces, making it an ideal choice for enhancing attendee comfort during warm weather. The Fogging Kit comes pre-installed in your inflatable, ready to create a refreshing ambiance without wetting the surroundings. Enjoy the benefits of quick installation, simple operation, and minimal maintenance, ensuring a cool and enjoyable atmosphere for your events.


  • Sports events
  • Summer
  • Gatherings requiring a cooler ambiance.


  • Enhances attendee experience.
  • Athletes appreciate cooling during competitions.
  • Becomes a reference or meeting point.
  • Refreshing without getting wet on hot days.


  • 12V, 60Hz diaphragm pump
  • 10 liters per hour.
  • 0.3mm nozzles
  • flexible PVC hose

Packing List:

  • Nozzles and hose installed in the inflatable.
  • Pump
  • Hose with filter for tank insertion
  • 110V power adapter

Sold Separately:

  • Water tank or container.


  • Most water doesn't fall to the ground.
  • Self-priming pump.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Glasses stay dry.
  • Silent operation.
  • Can work in a vacuum if water runs out.


  • Pump cannot run for more than 5 hours continuously.

Why Us?

  • System pre-installed in the purchased inflatable.


  • Connect water to the tank or hose to feed the system.
  • Once the inflatable is set up, connect the water.
  • Turn on the pump, and it's ready.
  • If a nozzle is clogged, detach it by hand, clean, and reconnect.
  • Ensure water doesn't run out. Enjoy!


Q: Water consumption per hour?

A: 10 liters per hour.

Q: Does the floor get soaked?

A: No, if it's windy; if damp, it's entirely walkable.

Q: Can a sensor be added?

A: Yes, but there may be a slight delay in misting.

Q: Can I use a liquid other than water?

A: Any non-corrosive, skin, and eye-safe liquid is acceptable.

Q: Is maintenance required?

A: Only clean clogged nozzles if needed.

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