RI AirPad-48

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Maximum Height: Rated at 70 ft. (21m) Comparable to a fall from the 7th floor of an average building. Used by fire departments and rescue teams for training and emergencies. Air Packs are designed to accept ONE person at a time and must be fully inflated as per directions in the instruction manual provided with each unit. **Rated height (10’ per floor) is based upon the Air Pack being capable of absorbing a falling body landing on his seat or back from the rated floor level with the cushioning effect that is safely below the human tolerance level (as per data published by the U.S. Air Force on “Human Tolerance to Shock.”) WARNING: No risk is assumed by Impact Air Bags, LLC, i2k , i2k AirPad or any of its associates as it is impossible to control how each individual may land or to know of any special physical reactions of any individual’s body. All models have been designed and tested to absorb the energy due to falls from the floor levels specified. Inflated Dimensions: 15'x 20'x8' (4.5*6*2.4m) Weight

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Essential Fall Protection Bag: Safeguarding Your Workforce

Safety Concerns

When it comes to purchasing fall protection equipment, safety is paramount. Customers often worry about the effectiveness and reliability of the gear contained within the fall protection bag. They want reassurance that the equipment meets industry standards and will adequately protect their workers in high-risk environments storage bag.

Cost Versus Value

The upfront cost of investing in fall protection gear can be a significant barrier for customers, especially for those operating on tight budgets. They weigh the initial investment against the long-term value and potential cost savings from preventing workplace accidents and injuries.

Complexity of Selection

The vast array of fall protection equipment available on the market can overwhelm customers, particularly those unfamiliar with safety regulations. They may struggle to navigate the options and select the right gear for their specific needs and worksite requirements.

Maintenance and Compliance

Customers are concerned about the ongoing maintenance and compliance requirements associated with fall protection equipment. They want assurance that they can easily inspect, maintain, and replace equipment to ensure continued safety and compliance with regulations gear bag.

Mobility and Adaptability

For customers who work in diverse environments or move between different worksites, the portability and adaptability of fall protection gear are crucial considerations. They need equipment that is lightweight, easy to transport, and suitable for use in various settings.

In conclusion, addressing these pain points by providing high-quality, compliant, and adaptable fall protection bags can help customers make informed decisions and prioritize the safety of their workforce.