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What could you do without the fear of falling? Could you work far more efficiently at heights? Could you try to overcome your limits in extreme sports? Could you deliver the stunt performance of your lifetime? Well, these are no longer questions without an answer!

The designers at i2k have designed the most advanced fall protection suit, which doesn’t just deliver a shock-free landing, but also allows you to work, have fun, and experiment in all safety – no matter where you are!

From trampoline parks to aerial gymnastic centers, family entertainment festivals, and workplaces, the i2k AirPad system is revolutionizing safety standards across all industries. Browse our collection of fall protection suits, mats, and more, or get in touch for a more personalized solution.

From Entertainment Safety to Safer Workplaces

i2k’s fall protection suit is designed to absorb all shock from landing – no matter how, when, or where you fall! The proprietary ZeroShock technology ensures that no matter how your body hits the mat, you’ll always land on a “sweet spot” that provides 360-degree protection.

Thanks to these unprecedented levels of protection it provides, the i2k suits are the perfect safety feature in family entertainment centers and gyms. But it is also perfect for stunt persons, athletes, and jumpers.

Even more importantly, the i2k fall protection suit allows high-risk workplaces to raise the bar in terms of job safety and protection measures for all employees.

A Revolutionizing Way To Land: ZeroShock Technology for Unprecedented Safety

Fall protection mats and nets have been on the market for decades. So, why is the i2k fall protection suit so revolutionizing? Unlike other inflatable devices like soft-impact airbags, the i2k AirPad is a comfort-focus solution that provides one big sweet spot for landing and does not propel the body back into the air.

Thanks to these innovative characteristics, the ZeroShock technology allows for unparalleled levels of safety across all industries.

What’s more, the AirPad can provide a safe landing for multiple people at the same time, with a minimum distance between them of barely 23 inches – a vital function for industries like rescue, workplace safety, and gymnastics.

Fly Higher, Land Safely With i2k AirPad

Thanks to the Crumple Tubes that power the innovative ZeroShock technology, the i2k AirPad delivers a comfortable landing experience, no matter the body’s position as it falls.

This feature makes our new fall protection suit a must-have for athletes looking to overcome their limits and deliver greater and better performances. From trampoline athletes to stuntmen and extreme sportsmen, the i2k AirPad is the ideal solution to see what you can achieve once the fear of falling is removed from the equation!

Spending your day at the gym? The antibacterial properties of the i2k can help you create a much all-around safer environment for you and your entire team!

Custom Inflatable Fall Protection Suits for All of Your Needs

Are you looking for an infallible fall protection system for your workplace, gym, or entertainment center? The designers at i2k AirPad can help you find a solution that works for your unique needs. Get in touch today to discover more of the benefits and features of the new AirPad.